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View of the aft endcap of the Sunspot from a neighborhood in Fikwakyet, a city in the fictional spaceship of our own design that we have built our inworld to look like. All of our dreams at night take place within this world.

Welcome to the Inmara

We are a generational plural system with three subsystems. Our vessel is an autistic, intersex, trigender trans feminine enby.

We are collectively known for our comics, poetry, graphic design, illustrations, special interests in linguistics, dragons, autism, neurodiversity, plurality, astronomy, cosmology, psychology, and story telling, and posting way too often on Facebook. We are also known for the enormous size of our system.

It is from the culmination of these special interests that we developed our name, Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera, to describe our plurality.

This wiki is an introduction and directory to who we are. By our own nature, it will always be incomplete and ever expanding.


current estimate 3.9 million

How can this possibly be?!

Prominent Members

Our eldest and most well known members.


When we developed in utero, our brain apparently developed a different gender for each hemisphere, which we think is why we're plural in the first place. There is a third group who are in the center who are a mix of the other two genders or sometimes agender.


How we group our numbers by jobs we do for the system.

Inworld Culture

Like many autistic people, we have felt what we would describe as culture shock our entire life while trying to make sense of the outside world. Some of us are better at interfacing with it than others, and so naturally this feeling ebs and flows. Since realizing we were plural, though, we have been able to note clearly that this feeling mostly comes from the fact that most of us literally spend the vast bulk of our lives emersed in what amounts to a dream state, or inworld.

We've always felt something like this was the case, frustrated with such basic things as gravity and conservation of energy and mass.

After some time consciously tracking each other's emotions and behaviors, both in dreams and when we surface, we've been able to piece together how our internal culture seems to work.

Inworld Atlas

A tour of our collective imaginary space where we interact with each other and live our lives when we're not busy telling our body what to do.

External Projects

Things we're working on to share with the outside world.


Answers for the new, the curious, and the flabbergasted.

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